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PDF Sixteen Seconds is the distance between a thought and a revolution, between who you were and who you might be. The world didn't end with the extinction of mankind, rather the annihilation of human thought with the implement of a devastating neurological device, relegating the world to darkness, chaos, and war, where it's too late to realize something is dangerously wrong with the children; too late to stop the consequences before the future of humanity is forever tainted. When the country's leaders banned and confiscated the citizen's firearms and executed martial law, those in command didn't think twice. When taxes and gasoline skyrocketed and families were left with only the streets, officials lined their bloody pockets and didn't bat an eye. When poverty overran the country alongside disease and starvation, tyrannical rule found a death grip, strangling the heart and soul of a nation and stripping away the human rights of an entire population. Kenneth Ridley has been searching for another like him, someone who shares and understands his special talent; someone who can teach him to control the force of his thoughts. He never guessed the answer would come from Sera, a young girl more powerful than his wildest imagination could conceive. The last thing Ridley intended to do was give away the only defense the broken population had left, but that's exactly what he'd done when he organized and trained the others like him; when he sent his unit into battle against the regime and destroyed their facilities. Their raw talents were manifested by Ridley's fine tuning into the ultimate weapons; minds capable of utilizing thought more adequately and effectively than any firearm. Repercussions came swiftly. A new form of control, the NID, was to be implanted in every citizen's brain, a devastating electric pulse triggered at eight seconds of thought preventing anyone from reaching such a level of influence again. Humanity doesn't fire in eight second synapses, survival does. Tragedy gave birth to a new generation. Blank canvases, human forms possessing no human emotions took the place of every normal child, empty and satisfied by the most basic of animal needs. The offspring of parents who could no longer think to comprehend were discarded, abandoned along with shame. To a world incapable of thought, they were the absolute embodiment of fear. Mankind didn't need more than eight seconds to realize the impending doom; to run from what they couldn't understand. The revolution ended. In the next six years, so did everything else. Roland spends his days eight seconds at a time, darting from thoughts to avoid the obliterating fry of the NID. Food is scarce. Water is a small miracle. Other survivors are dangerous. Roving bands of marauding cannibals plague the remains of the cities alongside the eerie throngs of the abandoned blanks enduring in the same fashion. Today might have been his last had C not appeared with her monster of a dog and driven off the pack before he'd been torn to shreds; taken him back to her camp where people are...normal. They've organized a community. They're rebuilding the foundations of society. They've found a way to disable the NID, if you're willing to take the risk. For the first time there is hope; maybe even the chance to set right the most devastating of wrongs and resurrect the future of humanity. Fearing the ascendancy of the mind initiated the demise of civilization. Fearing what we've become without thought fuels the necessity to reclaim it.

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