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Sam stepped into the elevator, anger radiating from his body. He’d been working hard for the company for over three years and his patience was finally wearing thin, because he had yet to get either the promotion or raise that he deserved. Well, he was about to fix that. He planned on marching straight up to his boss and telling him exactly what he thought. And if the man still refused to do what he should have a while ago, then Sam would tell him just where he could stick his raise.
Sure, Sam had let the fact slide because he’d been so dazzled by his boss at first, so amazed. He’d watched the older man with longing, sighing to himself as he passed by and wishing for things he should never have been wishing for. Working relationships were frowned upon, and he was certain his boss was interested in women—and that it was the reason he’d hired the busty but ditsy blonde receptionist for his office.
But Sam was done being so enamored by his boss, done admiring the man’s intelligence and certainly done drooling over his tall muscular body. He refused to melt at the sight of those storm colored eyes or that chestnut hair. He refused to let his body quiver at that tanned skin and wide hands. But he especially refused to let his heart waver anymore in the face of the gorgeous creature who was his boss, looking like some sort of fallen angel with his good looks and dark suits.

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