Thomas Lane - 101 Magic Conversation Starters. PDF

PDF Newly Updated & Expanded for 2014 - FREE Bonus Report & Video Training Included!

How to know exactly what to say in any situation ... charisma even if you're socially inept or have always been extremely shy.

My name is Thomas Lane,

Wouldn't you feel powerful to have exceptional social skills? Can you imagine the endless possibilities ...

 ... admiration, successful leadership, or sex appeal?

You Don't Have To Feel The Pain Of Social Inadequacy Ever Again.
Let's be honest for a moment....

It HURTS when it feels like you're boring people around you, like they can just IGNORE you without care.

It can be TERRIFYING to enter a major confrontation or public performance without powerful confidence.

It SUCKS to have social (and maybe even romantic) opportunities ROBBED all the time by your own self talk and mental excuses!

In this information-packed kindle report you will learn:

- See the 3 HIDDEN tools to creating an OUTSTANDING first impression on virtually ANYONE. I've found that EVEN naturally gifted conversationalists miss these!

- Discover 101 totally unique, FAIL-SAFE conversation starters & topics to make friends or attract the opposite sex. These are just brilliant and can be used virtually ANYTIME, ANYPLACE. You'll be surprised to discover what TRULY makes people LIKE YOU.

- DISCOVER 6 secret techniques to ENSURE you'll never be tongue-tied ever again! Use one of these to make ENGAGING conversation at any moment with EASE. Break the ice every time.

- How to engage anyone in an intelligent, powerful conversation so that they will REMEMBER you, no matter how famous, wealthy, or powerful they are. This has been used by the advisors of kings and political leaders for ages.

- Immediately ANNIHILATE SOCIAL DISCOMFORT or any fear of being judged in any social situation. Your life will take off if you can achieve this and I'll show you EXACTLY what I did!

Included: A FREE Surprise Bonus Report And Video Training in the Kindle file!

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