Hilary Bailey - New Worlds 6. PDF

PDF Pale Roses/Michael Moorcock
Black Rose & White Rose/Rachel Pollack
The Warlord of Saturn's Moons/Eleanor Aranson
The Wolf that Follows & Absorbing the Miraculous/M. John Harrison
Break/Bruce Boston
Once More the Dream/A.A. Attanasio
Birdseed for Our Feathered Fans/John Clute
5 Poems/Mac King
Maladjustment/B.J. Bayley
The Kindly Ones/John Sladek
The Return of the Mandarin/Rick Gellman
G.I. Sparrow/Gerard E. Giannattasio
A Modest Proposal/Bertil Martensson
The Jewel Thief/Ronald Anthony Cross
The Secret of Holman Hunt & The Crude Death Rate/Brian W. Aldiss
Miss Subways/Gwyneth Cravens
Lakewood Cemetery/Ruth Berman
The Ghosts of Luna/Ian Watson
Red Sky at Night/Jean Charlotte
Liberation/Rona Spalten
3 Poems/Alfonso Tafoya
Insect Men of Boston/James Sallis
The Thalidomide Kid/Jeremy Gilchrist
The Man Who Made a Baby/Harvey Jacobs

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