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PDF Gwynne starts out the tale as a maid scrubbing in a castle cold and dark.Her world is dismal and dreary until she creeps to the fireplace and discovers the magic.Magic stirs her soul and she creeps out of the castle and discovers the magic of music and the world outside. A small flute enables Gwynne to bring magical music to the animals and the angry people and thus she transforms the world around her and herself until at the end she is no longer the maid covered in dirt, but a beautiful princess thanks to a fairy queen.All because she believed in herself and the magic around her.
This is a sweet little story with colorful illustrations and rhyming verse.My hesitations with this book are that sometimes the rhymes are a little strange and the story isn't exactly clear and I wasn't a fan of the mean people.However, in the end, I did like that it has a wonderful message that you can believe in yourself and change the world around you with music and happiness.
I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
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