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PDF Melville's got it bad.First his mom named him Herman.Then, after a few successful early novels, his later work was panned by the critics and he died poor.Moby Dick is now considered a masterpiece, perhaps THE Great American Novel, but it's not widely read today.School kids are assigned Tom Sawyer or Huck Finn instead, or maybe The Scarlet Letter.If the story of the great, white, whale is too intimidating, do what I did and read some of his short stories or novels instead.Bartelby the Scrivener is about an employee from hell and is laugh out loud funny in parts.The Encantadas, about the Galapagos, is eminently readable and seems more non fiction than fiction.Benito Cereno is creepy and suspenseful.Billy Budd was the most challenging of the four short novels but was still a page turner.Except for the first story, set in New York City's Financial District, these are salty and authentic tales of the sea.Melville brings to life a mariner past and his stories carry moral weight but are not as weighty as you might fear.Take the plunge.

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