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PDF A very good book with almost enough illustrations (I always want more). I had not realized how much is unknown about this fairly recent time in history, e.g. what time people ate dinner, when luncheon first started appearing. It was interesting to find out how many people lived in what is now considered a single family home (a family + equal number of servants, or a combination of one or more families and possibly single people). I was surprised at how often people ate out (referred to as 'fast food'), and although I was familiar with the habit of using a bourdoloue in the presence of other people I was not familiar with the habit of using a small bowl of water to swish and rinse out the mouth and pick at the teeth at the table. I would have liked more coverage of transportation, urban planning, what was planted in the gardens (although apparently much of that is not well known) and personal things like what people ate and wore, and where they got these things, but it covered things I hadn't thought much about like houses being built on spec, construction, sewers, and how they got their household water. I also learned so much about house design! I hadn't realized that dadoes, panelling, cornices, etc. were all based on the idea of Roman temples, and there was incredible detail on the endless variations of architectural details on architraves, baseboards, etc.

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