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PDF DOUBLE DAGGERS is the story of a curse that spans the ages . . .
The curse begins with the assassination of Julius Caesar on the Ides of March. The chief conspirator in the assassination is Marcus Brutus who mints a coin celebrating his role in the heinous plot.
Today, that coin is known as the Eids of March or Double Dagger Denarius and it is the most famous coin in all of ancient antiquity. DOUBLE DAGGERS is the story of four men's unrelenting obsession to acquire the coin, and what befalls them once they finally have it in their possession.
The four men are: Marcus Brutus, a knight traveling on the Crusades, an SS lieutenant under Hitler, and a modern day Wall Street trader. But these men have something more in common than just their obsession to possess the famous coin—-
And that is the true mystery and curse of the Double Daggers.

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