Shelley Singer - Free Draw (Jake Samson, #2). PDF

PDF The SECOND novel in the Jake Samson mystery series

" of the nicer guys in the private eye business, who operates in a relaxed, casual style without need for macho posturing.” -Washington Post

“... surprising twists, and sharp-edged humor...” -Publishers Weekly

A Nice Jewish Boy, His Lesbian BFF, and MURDER MOST MARIN...

Unafraid, unlicensed, and, in this case, unpaid, unofficial Bay Area P.I. Jake Samson and his carpenter sidekick Rosie set out to clear a friend of a murder charge. The victim is found stabbed to death in a damp redwood canyon in woodsy, wealthy Marin County, outside San Francisco. It's up to Jake and Rosie to find the real killer, and they've got a number of suspects: the victim's fellow executives at a questionable correspondence school, his divided and bitter family, and his quirky Marin County neighbors—a truly odd assortment of California woods dwellers.

Butthe real treats here are Singer's dry humor and her characters: Jake, a nice Jewish boy with a rebellious—and very witty—streak; and Rosie, an irresistible twist on the sassy gay friend. Readers will love their easy, breezy relationship, and wish they had a friend like either one of them.

“Jake remains his loyal, intelligent and quirky self, which is plenty to rejoice about.” -Contra Costa Times

“Ms. Singer is one of only three or four authors that I wouldn't miss whatever she wrote. “ -Over My Dead Body

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