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PDF  Prepared by Institute for Defense Analyses under Contract DASW01-04-C-003 Task ET-8-2579 "Study on Military History (Project 1946 - Phase II)" for the National Intelligence Council. Prepared in cooperation with the Conflict Records Research Center. Contains copyrighted material.This monograph represents a continuation of a series of research efforts designed to extend
the knowledge of the contemporary Middle East, military history, and Iraqi military
effectiveness during the course of three major wars: the Iran-Iraq War, the First Gulf War, and
Operation Iraqi Freedom.

This second volume is based on interviews with figures significant in the Iran-Iraq War, extensive examination and study of captured Iraqi records, and a review of secondary sources. The interviews presented here involve not only lengthy discussions with Lieutenant General Ra’ad Maji d Rashid al-Hamdani, staff officer and battalion commander during the Iran-Iraq War, whom the Project 194 6 research team had interviewed before, but
similar types of discussions with a number of senior Iraqi military leaders who played key
parts in the Iran-Iraq War.

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