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PDF While embodying all the fundamental stages of Marina Abramovic 's life and work, The Biography of Biographies reveals, through numerous beautiful reproductions, an artist who has deeply affected the art of our time and who possesses an extraordinary ability to revisit and reinterpret her own story through the use of performance as a form of visual art. This new "staging" of The Biography—called The Biography Remix—is carried out in collaboration with Michael Laub, a theater director who has maintained a close involvement with Abramovic 's work and shares with her a deep personal trust. The performance is not theater; it's not dance; it's not even video. Abramovicand Laub have developed a new and sometimes indefinable relationship between visual art, performance, and theater—a uniquely direct relationship that builds work of great simplicity and beauty that has the power to move, surprise, and entertain.Essays by Michael Laub, Marina Abramovic.

Introduction byFabrizio Grifasi and Monique Veaute. Paperback, 6.75 x 9.5 in./128 pgs / 15 color and 121 b&w.

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