Priscilla Gibson-Roberts - Knitting in the Old Way. PDF

PDF Take my review with a grain of salt, because I didn't actually use the patterns which comprised probably half of the book. I got this from the library, so next time I *do* make a sweater, perhaps I'll get it again, we'll see.

That said, it was really interesting to learn more about the history of knitting worldwide and specifically sweater construction's history. Yes, it has a history! I was surprised to learn that clothing/shirts/tunics was traditionally knit in the round (for some reason I thought that was a recent invention), and that sweaters as we know them today are relatively recent (1800s!). If you aren't planning to use the book to actually make a sweater, then it isn't worth buying, and you should probably just borrow it from someone/where, since the history part is only a portion of the book.

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