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PDF Dr. Harriet Braiker's "Getting up while you're feeling down" is one of my favourite depression books. It's very, very helpful and practical for me and has given me numerous tips over the years. I like it so much that I often pick up used copies of it to give to friends.

So I was curious to see what I could learn from her book about stress and overcommitting and being everything to everyone. While I definitely have some Type E tendencies, I found that this book wasn't as helpful for me. It was written in the 1980s and it feels really, really dated. There are some things that are still the same and some useful strategies, but ultimately, there was a lot of information that I couldn't relate to.

One of the sections was about guilt about overachieving. I've only felt a tiny bit of that in my life, and I'm more than comfortable owning my successes.

Kudos to her for using a cognitive behavioural therapy this book. Some of the techniques she's used seemed dated, but they were fairly new 20 years ago.

It was interesting to note the many career/life pressures for women have changed in the past 20 years, and the many ways these areas haven't. :(

There are still many areas for both men and women to work on :(

I just read that Harriet Braiker died, and that makes me sad. Her book "Getting up when you're feeling down" taught me many helpful techniques.

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