Betsy Maestro - The Story of the Statue of Liberty. PDF

PDF How the Statue of Liberty came to be constructed on Bedloes Island in New York Harbor.

Recommended for grades K-3, appropriate for ages 4-12

This history of the Statue of Liberty is simple and straightforward enough for young children aged 4 and up as a read-aloud book. There are several characteristics of the book that make it more interesting than most other works on the same subject. For example, instead of just showing the full statue, the book depicts the head as it stood on its own on display in Paris. It shows the nondescript Bedloes Island, with a view of the sculptor, Bartholdi,envisioning the perfect place for his monumental idea. Best of all, there are several spreads of what the statue looked like from the inside as it was being constructed, and how it was transported to New York. The story is a narrative that describes the realization of the sculptor's vision and the obstacles along the way.

A Publisher's Weekly review on Amazon was too short to be helpful, even I agreed with their one-sentence assessment of the book—that it is an "ideal picture book history" of the statue. Much more helpful was the School Library Journal review on Amazon, that described each section of the book: the illustrations, the story, and the supplemental sections at the end that include facts about the statue and Emma Lazarus' famous poem that was not originally part of the plan of the statue.

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