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PDF “It was spring in the barnyard and the wee little chick was all brand-new.” Despite his small size, remarked on by a series of his barnyard companions, Wee Little Chick manages to climb the biggest haystack and run the fastest of all the little chicks, making mama chick as proud as can be. The book features large, gorgeous illustrations in soft pastels that will show beautifully for a toddler story time. The narrative is short but powerful, with effective repetition and a nice but not sappy message about self-esteem. Yet, given the repeated diminutives assigned wee little chick, he looks the same size or bigger than all the other little chicks. In fact, when he is introduced as the “littlest little chick” he is drawn as the largest one on the two-page spread. The disparity distracts from what is otherwise an extremely engaging book for toddlers.

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