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My mind was twisted by my mother,
not too long ago.
Did she now that what she twisted
would leave me isolated and alone?
I am so unlike the others
who spit and shine their metal so.
Every kind of metal, not built strong for fighting,
but built to sit and preen and show.
War is now upon us and we cower and retreat.
We should have been twisted to not know defeat.

by Nikki

There is a war going on and different robots have different ideas. Their mind were twisted with wire to make them who they are by their mothers. Some for self gain, some to fight, some to follow, some to be leaders, and a few to be their own robot and to not conform.

Artemis is an idea. Artemis is of a mind that all robots should work for and be all about Artemis. No feelings of superiority or oneself. All should work to improve and uphold the ideas of Artemis.

Robots need metal and there is little where the war robots of Artemis come from and they are now moving, and conquering other factions of robots who care about their machinery and are not willing to stand up for themselves, but have lesser, unthinking, slave robots do their fighting for them.

The thought it took to come up with this robotic world is fascinating to me and it was great to see the author make this world interchangeable with ours as far as politics, war, roboticism, and so on.

The only problem I had was with one of the main characters, Karel, whose mind is twisted in a way we do not know as of yet and I couldn't come to grip with his attitude and station in life. He was always out of the loop because the other robots didn't trust him and it was frustrating to see him so helpless at times.

I would recommend this read, not just for the robots smashing and stealing their opponents electromuscle and snapping their minds, but for how each group of robots deal with their situations in a world where metal is obtained to rebuild oneself and to create new mind.

It was interesting to say the least. The next book is already out, but I will wait to see when the 3rd book is close to being released before I read it.

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