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PDF I read Garlock's books so long ago that I had to Google her books to see if this is the one I remember as having a mentally challenged adult male as a supporting character. I thought that this character was handled so well, and then for him to have a successful romance story (parallel to the story of the main characters) was awesome as we tend to think of child-like adults as non-sexual or non-people, and certainly not romantic. (No offense to those with mentally-challenged loved ones but I just never thought about them that way ("normal") until I read this book. Stupid me.My high rating of this book is mainly for the supporting couple as I can't recall the story of the main couple. I'm sure theirs is a good story as well, but it has been so long and the supporting couple just stood out in my memory.

EDITED TO ADD:Recently re-read this book and the main couple's story gets 4 stars but the supporting couple's story is still 5 stars.

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