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PDF This book pleased me very much. Even though Artan is the only one in the series to marry an actual cousin (distant or not.. and not THAT distant, by the way).., they match each other well. Cecily is kind of irritating at times, but I love her fire and 'unladylike' tendencies. Artan has been a favorite character in the series and I was excited to finally get to his. THIS story fit his character very well. (Unlike the one with his brother).. He kept his usual arrogance and wildness as well as his sarcasm.. and even showed his more serious side when needed. Courting the girl away from her betrothed and then kidnap her is exactly the type of thing Artan Murray would do. The love between Artan and his Sile was strongly felt, I think more than any other story in the series so far. The way she kept talking to him while he was in a coma until her voice was almost gone was so touching. There was so much I loved about this story, i don't even know where to start.. so I wont.. lol.. I will just simply say it was a good read!!!

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