Raymond L. Weil - Galactic Empire Wars (Galactic Empire Wars, #2). PDF

PDF Aliens have destroyed the Earth. They left behind eighteen million survivors who will never forget what has been done to their world. They turn to Mason Randle, who will do everything in his power to see that the Human race survives.

Earth can no longer support life. The Moon, Mars, and the asteroids now provide safe havens for the stunned survivors. They find a protector in Major Wade Nelson. A dedicated marine who is willing to take the fight to the enemy.

Marken is a Kivean. He is part of an alien race that helped Major Nelson and the other kidnapped military personnel escape from the Kleese. Because of his actions, his home world is now in danger.

How can eighteen million survivors bring down an Empire that controls thousands of worlds and is totally merciless? Find out in Galactic Empire Wars: Emergence the second book in this new military science fiction series.

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