Astrid Cooper - Starlight Desire (Starlight #3). PDF

PDF John and Samantha continue with their journey of self-discovery into the world of pleasure, unaware that for them—and others—time is running out. And Harimal must return home—he has been called—and a felinus cannot deny this summons, especially if it is the king who calls. But damn it! Hari doesn't want to go home, the last time he did it was a set-up—to meet his future mate. He's not falling for that trap again: he's a felinus and free and that's how he plans to remain. En route he has some time to play and he can forget his worries in the pleasures offered by his draconis guards. He's heard about the ferocity of dragon-women. When he makes up his mind that he wants to play—nothing, no-one stands in his way. Even dragons can be tamed by the purr of a cat.

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