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PDF In the 19th century, Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch stood at the forefront in defense of traditional Judaism.When the movement against tradition arose and young Jews flocked to its ranks en masse, Hirsch staunchly defended the traditions of Judaism, and succeeded in winning the commitment of large segments of the Jewish people. His community of Frankfurt-am-Main represented a bastion of traditional Judaism in Germany.Hirsch's crowning work, The Pentateuch, contains his original translation and fascinating commentary on the Chumash (Five Books of Moses). The commentary fully expresses Hirsch's philosophy of Torah im derekh eretz-the interconnectedness of Torah and world civilization. Moreover, Hirsch's commentary addresses doubts and questions that often assail the modern mind and provides insightful, penetrating answers. Translated into English from the German, this beautiful edition contains the complete Hebrew text ofthe Chumash, plus Hirsch's translation and illuminating commentary.

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