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PDF One thing I find annoying with Malone novels is that often the suspicion falls early on a certain character and never really waivers, even if the evidence is flimsy. And it turns out the suspect actually did the killing. That’s what happens, here, sorry for the spoiler, but it takes a while for Scobie to be able to prove it and then it’s only by luck. The big question is who paid the killer and was the bullet meant for the politician or one of his companions. It’s a very political book and I don’t necessarily understand the whole Australian election process or how the parties work on the inside, but I could probably say that about American elections too.

I think this is a novel best read/listened to after some of the others, especially Five Ring Circus. There are a lot of continuing characters and I think this one would work best if already have some knowledge about them, which I did. I will say this is the first of this series where I’ve felt that way though. In general, it’s not one I think needs to be read in order.

Looking over my review, it sounds like I didn’t like this one, but I did. It was enjoyable, a quick listen, and a little less black and white than some of the others have been.

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