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PDF Lead is the most serious and widespread poison in our environment, and can cause serious damage to the mental development of young children at relatively low levels. Taking lead out of petrol has dealt with only one source of exposure: the most serious hazards arise from old leaded paint in our homes, schools and workplaces, and from the old leaded pipes that can carry our drinking water. This is the first book to offer an accessible and authoritative guide to the subject. Focussing on the evidence concerning children - and making use of previously unpublished governmental research - it gives the background to the scientific debate about the toxicology of lead, and examines the impacts on human health. The regulatory regimes of the US and UK are assessed and further appropriate steps are suggested. For over 20 years, scientific evidence has accumulated showing how harmful current exposure to lead is: yet neither the UK nor the US government has faced up to the facts. Lead and Public Health is a persuasive account of the implications of, and possible solutions for, this crucial issue.

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