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PDF Kate Preston has selected billionaire bad boy Simon Jones as the subject of her final book in a bestselling series of biographies on overindulgent, decadent multimillionaires. She's intrigued by Simon's wicked reputation, stunning good looks and raw intensity. Though he pursues her from the onset, studious Kate knows the wildly charismatic Simon is out of her league. He and his ultra-rich friends indulge in decadent, hedonistic adventures beyond her wildest imagination. When they pull Kate into the mix, however, she finds herself secretly excited by their on-the-edge approach to life. But Kate considers herself a good girl at heart. Having been raised by two notorious Hollywood legends, Kate believes finding normalcy in her life is the key to her survival. Simon challenges her to take a walk on the wild side with him, though, and Kate finds herself being pulled deeper and deeper into his wicked web. Before the biography is finished, Kate will discover a decadent side of herself she never knew existed... But at what cost to her heart?

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