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PDF Marcel Möring was born in 1957 in Enschede, an industrial town near the Dutch-German border, where he attended a Montessori primary school. In the late sixties his family moved north, to Assen, a small town moderately famous for its annual TT motor races. He finished secondary school and studied Dutch literature for two years, then went from one odd job to another. Since he had already decided to become a writer at the age of thirteen, he saw no point in further education. He wrote several plays in those years, producing and directing two of them, and moved to Rotterdam, the second biggest city in the Netherlands. Möring published his first novel, Mendels Erfenis, in 1990, to almost unanimous critical acclaim. His second novel, Het Grote Verlangen (The Great Longing,published in the UK by Flamingo, in the USA by HarperCollins, and in more than ten other countries) won the AKO Prize, the Dutch equivalent of the Booker Prize. Over 150,000 copies of The Great Longing have been sold in the Netherlands alone. Möring's third book was a novella: Bederf is de weg van alle vlees (Decay is the Way of All Flesh). Then came a 500 page novel: In Babylon. This book won two Golden Owls, a Flemish award for the best Dutch/ Flemish book of 1998. In Babylon was a major success in both the Netherlands (over 100.000 copies sold) and Germany and was published in the UK (Flamingo), France (Flammarion), the USA (William Morrow) and a great number of other countries. His novel, DIS, was published in 2006 and quickly became the subject of a critical debate about contemporary literature. In 2007 DIS was awarded the Bordewijk Prize for the best Dutch novel of 2006.
DIS was published in Germany (2009) as Der Nächtige Ort, in Great Britain (2009) and the US spring 2010) as In A Dark Wood. A Hebrew translation (Schocken) is currently in the works. In 2011 Möring's German publisher Luchterhand boughts the rights to 'Louteringsberg', his latest book, shortly before the novel was published in The Netherlands.

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