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PDF It all ends here, and it is—barring a few digressions that occupy a few pages here, a few pages there—a worthy finish to a series that featured many a healthy portion of wicked magicks and some fun and brutal swordplay. Too often I have picked up books purporting to offer "sword and sorcery," only to find myself wading through dull scene after dull scene with nary a sword or spell in sight; not so in this series. The final scene was exciting and surprisingly emotional; Garth stands as one of the more layered protagonists that I have come across in the genre; I am glad to have met him.

I am, honestly, flabbergasted by the anonymity of this series. The recent revival of pulp-style fiction is a clear invitation to re-introduce these books to adherents of the genre, and while there do exist recent re-printings of these books, I had not heard of the series until my partner gifted me a beat-up copy of the 1984 edition of this book. Readers interested in a unique take on the fantasy genre that includes lots of mayhem should seek this series out.

I, for one, am so glad that I both found it and had the opportunity to read through the series over a handful of days. These were fun reads with which to meet the year's end.

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