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This is for bromance enthusiasts and people who find emotionally adorable things touching, but really want there to be actual story and things happening. Or who like cute stuff but find a lot of girl/shojo stuff annoying, or... whatever. Like me.

So, basically, the art is perfect depending on whether or not you like the style, the story is good, but the main focus in that area is the characters and touching moments. For instance, the climax of a scene will be the words spoken ("You are my light"), rather than, 'the villain is closer to winning now'.

Note also that this is just about the only story I can think of with a very prominent religious organization that is actually good. (There are atheist priests and such who have conflicts with their own religion, though, so it's not completely that way...)

Frau is hilarious, and the only very muscular character I've found hawt. I love Mikage and Hakuren (both adorable), Ayanami, and his black haired friend who reminds me of Seishirou from Tokyo Babylon and X.

Frau and Teito's friendship is adorable, but the most recent stuff is so sad :(

Rating PG (PG13?)
I give up on trying to remember the language, especially since I've been reading a lot of fan translations. Violence is present but with no gore or brutality, if religious stuff bothers you there's a lot of that but in an almost neutral light (priests are the main good guys, but some are atheists and bring up issues with the religion)

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