Chiho Saitō - Revolutionary Girl Utena, Vol. 03. PDF

PDF it's interesting to see how friendships evolve and betrayal sets in.chuchu is adorable.he should have been in the regular storyline more.alas he was not.anthy still remains hard to figure out, but i guess that's just how she rolls.wakaba was classic too.but she's freakishly straightforward. as utena finds out more about world's end, another mystery arises: anthy and her purpose, utena's prince's role, and just who is akio anyway?

you know, i don't think that i've mentioned this yet, but i love how it's focused around fencing.well, swordplay, not so much fencing.but fencing is awesome, and i'm so glad that it's center stage in a descent's a sport that not many people do anymore, so it's nice to see a "revival" of sorts.

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