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PDF “The sense of being lost, displaced, and homeless is pervasive in contemporary culture. The yearning to belong somewhere, to be in a safe place, is a deep and moving pursuit. Loss of place and yearning for place are dominant images…” (Brueggemann, The Land)

Fragmentation, mobility, dualism – these forces work against our belonging, and work against our richly dwelling in the places we live. Add to these the rise of “virtual” place and relationships, and our sense of displacement only increases. It has been difficult to embrace a call to life as mission in this world under these conditions.

What is it that God loves about place? Why has the conversation on place been neglected? How do experiential human questions like “belonging” intersect with a theological lens? Does a biblical view of place imply an ecology and an ethic?

This book addresses these questions and more, in an integrative approach that is rich with full color plates, inviting reflection on experience, faith and culture.

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