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PDF “Ur Shulim rises from the mists of the past. It spins its web and calls them. The general, the queen, the broken prince, the estranged goddess. They heed its call, not even hearing the siren song of their doom.”

Eduli Springs is a quiet, North Atlanta suburb situated along the Chattahoochee River. It is the perfect place to start your life and raise a family, with its affluent communities, historic sites ...

... and dark secrets.

Susan has everything that she has ever wanted - her beautiful children, a new loving husband. After years of loneliness, of fearing the past and the future, she can finally relax, knowing that everything is well. Now she navigates a new marriage and the complex relationship between her daughter and her new stepson. All the while, she tries to be the one constant for them all – a safe shore on the turbulent seas of adolescence and college.

Book of Susan is the second novel of The Shulim Cycle. Life – all of existence is a complex cycle with Ur Shulim reaching its shadow over Atlanta.

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