Vivek Chopra - Professional Apache Tomcat 5. PDF

PDF What is this book about?The Apache Tomcat server and related technologies give Java developers a rich set of tools to quickly build more sophisticated Web applications. Tomcat version 5 supports the latest JSP and Servlet specifications, JSP 2.0, and Servlets 2.4. This completely updated volume offers you a thorough education in Tomcat 5 as well as 4.1.

What does this book cover?

You will learn to solve the problems that arise with installation and configuration, security, system testing, and more. This edition also introduces you to Tomcat clustering for planning and deploying installations in mission-critical production environments, and explores the new support for Tomcat in popular IDEs, such as IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, NetBeans/Sun Java Studio, and JBuilder.

You'll discover how to manage class loaders and Connectors, understand how to use IIS as a Web server front-end for Tomcat, examine JDBC-related issues in Tomcat, and be ready to put this technology to work.

Here are some other things you'll learn from this book: Techniques and troubleshooting tips for installing JVM and Tomcat on Windows and UNIX/Linux systemsDetailed Tomcat configuration, such as Access log administration, Single Sign-on across Web applications, request filtering, the Persistent Session Manager, and JavaMail session setupHow to resolve JDBC connectivity issues, including connection pooling, JNDI emulation, configuring a data source, and alternative JDBC configurationsHow to use Web servers like Apache and IIS with Tomcat to serve static contentA wide range of security issues, from securing Tomcat installations to configuring security policies for Web applications that run on themHow to configure Tomcat for virtual hosting environmentsProcedures for load-testing Web applications deployed in Tomcat using the open source JMeter frameworkHow to set up Tomcat clustering to provide scalability and high availability to Web applicationsHow to embed Tomcat within custom applications

Who is this book for?

This book is for J2EE system administrators and Java developers with responsibilities for Tomcat configuration, performance tuning, system security, or deployment architecture.

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