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PDF "This is a lion.Lion says "PEEP PEEP."

This is a ridiculously wonderful story about what happens when middle management gets creative.Artist Foreman is an angelic being who is in charge of the artists in the Drawing Room of the Animal Factory.These design animals which are then "flown to the planets of the universe" after approval by the Chief Designer.Foreman, a former wunderkind, won a medal for designing "worm" while still in infancy, but now that he is in charge, he no longer draws much.Getting an idea for an animal called "Lion" he finds that his initial design is deeply flawed, and only with a lot of help from his subordinates (and a little from his boss) can he get Lion right.

Reading this book aloud is a treat; it has just the right amount of repetition to keep a kind of rhythm going, and the joy of having lion say PEEP PEEP has to be experienced, and kids love it.The characters are angels and the setting heavenly, but the book ismore of a fable than anything else; it has no spritual agenda at all.The words "god" and "angel" are never even used.

If you get the chance to Google the art from this book, do so. The lion himself in his original form is a sight to behold.

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