Sarah Jae Foster - The Heart of a Soiled Dove (Soiled Dove, #1). PDF

PDF A new town. A new beginning. A calling to fulfill.

Aurora Young is one of the lucky ones. Her freedom from San Francisco’s Red Light District came by way of an anonymous benefactor. After coming into the knowledge of God’s love and redemption, Aurora realizes her destiny is to save sisters still working in brothels. Leaving the past behind, she heads to Montana and buys a large spread of land to house women of ill-repute. But a run-in with an infamous cattle baron threatens the plans she's put in place…and everything she’s come to love.

Donovan Ramsey owns the largest cattle ranch in the region and has plans to purchase the land adjoining his. When newcomer Aurora Young arrives and purchases it before he can, his goal is to do all he can to acquire it back, even if that means trumping the good will of his tenacious yet lovely new neighbor. He is a man used to getting what he wants and isn’t thrilled when his heart begins to soften. Donovan must decide if it’s worth fighting his growing admiration for Aurora, or taking back what is rightfully his.

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