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PDF Have you ever believed in something with every fiber of your being, only to discover it was completely false, or at least totally wrong for you? If so, you have experienced a Collapse of Belief. To cope, you may find yourself living the cliched definition of insanity—doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result. Maybe it's time for something new. This book is designed to help people who are having the basic belief structures of their lives challenged, whether they comprise religious, social, political, relational, financial or other subjects. A NEW WAY OF SEEING Behind this book is one goal: to help you SEE. Most of the systems in our lives are set up to channel our perception to fit a certain educational, financial, religious or corporate structure. If you're like most people, you accepted the beliefs of the system with little question. But a time may come when those beliefs fail to work, or are so at odds with the environment, you can't function with any degree of success. No matter what causes the collapse of belief, it often leads to a dark night of the soul-a questioning of the very definition of oneself. This book is about transcending the collapse; seeing the options and possibilities that are now open, and understanding the usually-unconscious process of belief creation. In these pages you will learn about the boxes we build for ourselves, the way out of those boxes, and how to handle the exponential rate of change around us in our ever more-chaotic world

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