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Frankie is a wise cracking, womanising, half Gypsy, he lives in a shabby caravan, on a dilapidated small holding in rural Shropshire, and scrapes a living breeding hens and doing odd jobs. He spends most of his time with his close friend and landlady Liza, whose wealthy husband owns the adjoining Whitimere Grange. When an old friend, from a life Frankie has tried desperately to leave behind, makes a sudden reappearance Frankie’s life quickly turns from rural tranquility to a roller-coaster race around England - from Appleby Horse Fair to the South Devon Coast - being pursued by, or in pursuit of, a band of murderous gangsters.
Frankie desperately needs to uncover the truth as the lives of both his friends – the enigmatic Liza and the feisty Jenny – are in danger. But the truth is shrouded by lies and everyone, including Frankie, seems to have a guilty secret. He tries to hang on to his independence and solve the mystery using his charm and ingenuity, but time is fast running out and sooner or later he is going to have to do things The Gypsy Way.
A story peppered with comedy and romance, with its fair share of sex, violence, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. Rural England and Gypsy life in the mid 1980’s without a crystal ball or fortune teller in sight!

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