Margery Allingham - Traitor's Purse (Albert Campion Mystery #11). PDF

PDF I take it back. While I still adore Sweet Danger beyond belief, this book has completely and utterly stolen the crown of my favorite Campion book from it.

Amanda returns again (you'll probably notice I tend to adore the books with her in them) and this time Albert *finally* gets it, what the reader has seen all along, that she is the perfect partner for him in every sense of the word and he is head over heels in love with her. Naturally, it takes a bad case of traumatic amnesia to do it and his timing couldn't be worse: Amanda, weary of waiting for him to come around, has fallen under the spell of a charming other man and wants out of their engagement of convenience.

As if that weren't bad enough, some horrid Axis plan to undermine Britain's war effort—and its sovreignty—is under way and the only way to stop it is locked in Campion's very lost memory. Meaning he has to not only figure out a way to win back the girl of his dreams, but also to save the Empire while he's at it. For a man unaccustomed to being helpless in matters personal *or* professional, it's a humbling position to be in. And quite frankly, though I adore Campion just the way he is, it's a humbling he sorely needs. ;-)

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