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PDF This book may be tiny in size, but it’s a really unique book.

It comes in a little case and when you take out the little book, you will notice that it unfolds like my grandma’s accordion.This is also a pop out book which is one of my favorite kinds of books.The images are pretty and gentle to the eyes.

The book itself teaches about Australia’s famous landmarks and interesting facts.The book also outlines the sports games that are popular in Australia.When you keep reading, you’ll get to flip the book over and continue the learning adventure.For instance, there is a page on The Ghan which is a train that travels far through the country and was named for the Afganis who drove camels through Australia.

There is also a map that shows each of the landmarks talked about in the book so that you can see the location of them.The map shows Australia divided into territories too.

I’d most like to visit The Great Barrier Reef and The Syndey Opera House one day.The book makes me also want to visit The Melbourne Cricket Ground to watch a game and travel the country by The Ghan.
These small books teach a lot of information about the country’s most popular travel destinations.

They leave me wondering if this is a series and if other books on other countries are available.I’ll be asking my mom to look for more since I’d like to collect them all.

Review by Young Mensan Hayden S., age 7, Southeast Michigan Mensa

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