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PDF And so, I set out to learn more about the towns and historic places that I went to on vacation recently.This was probably not the best book to start with.

I wanted, I guess, pretty much a text book explanation of The Revolutionary War.What I got out of this book was too little about the causes and politics of the time and more of a rundown of the actual battles.I guess that wouldn't be too bad if knew more about the war itself but at this stage of my endeavors to learn more, this just wasn't the book for me.

I DID enjoy the non-biased view of some historical figures and events.According to this text, some of the people you thought were real stand-up guys in history may have turned out to be thieves, cut-throats, murderers or worse.

And the descriptions of the battles were very specific (although sometimes ad nauseum).

Maybe I'll come back to this one when I'm a bit more learned on the subject and enjoy it more.But, for now, I'm still looking for my book to glean my primary knowledge on The Revolutionary War.

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