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PDF Monique Burke is floating the day away on her boat in the ocean off the coast of Florida when she just happens upon a big fish that is not moving. Monique, who is the President of the Port Emerald Environmental Club, will not let that fish stay in the water. She pulls it up, only to realize that all is not what it seems. As she takes this big fish to her bathtub to wash and take care of, all of a sudden a man starts emerging from the mess of dirt and debris. A man so sexy that he takes her breath away.

There is only one problem; the man has a humongous tail. Ethan, the merman, comes to after awhile to tempt and tease Monique’s senses. Since Monique and Ethan hit it off, they decide to spend the day together frolicking and playing in the water.

Will Monique and Ethan take that spark that is between them, the fire of their of desire, and turn it into flames or will they be just two ships passing in the dark?

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