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PDF Alfred Hitchock Presents has been on the air about a year when the first issue of Alfred Hithcock's Mystery magazine was published, in late 1956. The magazine promptly because one of the Mr. Htichock's sources for stories for the television show - and , in fact, two of the stories collected herein, Lawrence Treat's Suburban Tigress" and Henry Slesar's "The Day of the Execution, " appeared in early issues. Altogether, some thirty stories were adapted for TV over the years, with the last show of all being Edward D. Hoch's "Winter Run."
Alfred Hitchcock ceased filming for television in 1965, not long after AHMM's ninth birthday, but the magazine continued to flourish and will, in December, 1986, celebrate its thirtieth year of publication. In those three decades it not only brought its readers numerous stories by all the five authors whose tales are included below, it has also brought them thousands of other stories by hundreds of other expert mystery story writers. Any current issue of AHMM is still packed with murder and revenge, detection and suspense, and often with the humor that Jack Ritchie especially was so famous for. (Not to mention Alfred Hitchock himself.)
We are pleased that you enjoyed your first year of AHMM and that you'll be with us for the year to come. (And maybe for the next thirty as well!) Thank you on behalf of the entire editorial staff for your recent renewal.
And now we-all-have some stories to read...
Cathleen Jordan

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