Anastasia Maltezos - Two In the Lion's Den. PDF

PDF She's been called a witch. She's been called a fraud. Now she's calling on love.

Fiery redhead Sam grew up shunned and teased for her psychic abilities. Now, those powers are making her a success in her very own shop, where she does Tarot readings. But the cards never warned her about Leonidis Stefanos. He thinks she's a fraud and an opportunist, bent on squandering her best friend Antonia's inheritance.

Thrown together at a Greek villa Sam and Leonidis thought would be empty, they can't deny the sparks of passion flying between them. But while Leonidis discovers she isn't the conniver he thought she was, Sam is busy telling herself not to succumb to this formidable, sexy and passionate man.

With a shadowy enemy undermining Sam's reputation, and Leonidis' interest in her threatening the protective shield she's built up around her heart, Sam's life is getting complicated with a capital C!

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