Bella Street - Apocalypse For Realz (Apocalypse Babes, #6). PDF

PDF This series is one I definitely would not have read if it hadn't been a an editing gig.I'm just not into zombies, werewolves, biological & chemical warfare, et al.This entire series took me out of my comfort zone, and I really have to admit I learned a lot.The series is about the loss of innocence . . . and the horrible damage that can do to human beings.

These books have content that I wouldn't recommend for youth . . . and many adults I know.The writing is good—you really get swept up into the story, and what happens.But there are shocking, scary, and gory things that happen.(As well as some love scenes that I skipped—she knew I wasn't editing that. ;o)So, if you're not into nightmarish and crazy stuff, I'd say stay away from this set.

The uber-adult content is why it gets three stars.The writing itself, the quality of the prose and the story construction, definitely gets 4.5 stars. Bella does a bang-up job of taking you inside the minds of her characters, and of sewing up loose ends so when you're done, it's all worth it.

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