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PDF Bram Stoker transcended the idea of the vampire when he introduced the element of love in his popular novel, Dracula. And that is the idea that has lasted until today, making us witnesses of the birth of a myth that is continually renewed. Because the vampire of the 21st century wants to leave the darkness and become human, he wants to love again. And that, coming from an immortal, is a promise of eternal love.Vampires, The World Of Shadows In Illustration, plunges us into this renovated vampirism mythology through the art of great creators that have been captured by their magic.

Featuring the art of Bibian Blue, Melanie Delon, Victoria Frances, Suzanne Gildert, Diego Latorre, Nekro, Rebeca Saray, Arantza Sestayo, Katarina Sokolova and Cris Ortega.

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