Kim Dare - Before He Cheats (Perfect Timing, #7). PDF

PDF Rupert’s society friends can call it an open relationship if they want. Leon still calls it cheating—and he’s going to make sure it never happens again.

Leon knows he and Rupert come from completely different worlds, but it never occurred to him that Rupert would consider their relationship to be open unless otherwise stated.

He might not have the money, the experience or the social standing of Rupert’s usual lovers, but Leon’s still determined to fight for what he wants. And what he wants is to make sure he’s exclusive with Rupert before his lover’s “old friend” comes to visit next weekend.

Can he convince a man like Rupert to give up everyone else in favour of one inexperienced graduate student? Can he convince Rupert to make a commitment to him before he cheats? Leon doesn’t know—but he sure as hell is going to try!

Please note, the stories in this series are connected solely by theme. They can be read as stand alone books and in any order.

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