Tami D. Cowden - Complete Writer's Guide to Heroes and Heroines. PDF

PDF Given the size of this book, 200 pages, this cannot be what it claims to be, a complete guide. And it is not. Neither is it an overview. It is an introduction, and for that purpose it is not totally useless. It is rather superficial, and quite frankly, the examples on how the different archetypes interact taught me nothing new, it rather confirmed what I have known since I created my characters. I had hoped for some more depth and hence inspiration. Also the examples are vague, from films almost solely of a certain genre, and do not go into any detail and show different archetypes clash, mesh, and change when met. In this respect, the book is more a light version of psychology for dummies. "Show, don't tell" is a common advice for writers. This book does very little showing, and a whole lot of scratching the surface telling.

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