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PDF Leah and Riker struggle as single parents (each in their own way) living separately with their adopted daughters Katherine and Marta.Each one feels their lives are lacking... something.Then a chance encounter reveals that Katie and Marta are identical twin sisters.

The sisters are drawn together by by natural instinct, and against their best intentions, Leah and Riker are forced to spend more and more time together as they try to find a way forwards without getting their lives and emotions entangled.

Of course it is the two precocious girls who come up with the natural solution, much to the dismay and resistance of their parents, who can't believe that happiness could be so simple.Both Leah and Riker have given up on finding another person to share their lives, instead investing all their time and effort in their daughter.

Beautifully symmetrical in construction, Whittenburg moves all the pieces with delicate precision as Katie and Marta romp around in all-too-cute abandon as they revel in their new relationship as sisters.Despite all the logical arguments mustered Leah and Riker succumb first to mutual attraction, then love.

I was kind of annoyed at Leah for most of the book, she was just so timid when it came to dealing with Riker, but I guess that's kind of understandable given how her previous relationship turned out, and deciding to not to risk her daughter's future regardless of the personal cost.

Although not really a part of the main story it was kind of annoying that the mystery around Jonathan's exit and also how the twins were split up was never explained.

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