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PDF BJ, Quita and Ebony are more than just girlfriends, they're on-the-money partners in their own investment club. And now that they're all nearing or at the age of thirty, they're looking to invest some time in a good man. Trouble is, Hotlanta has cooled off for them in the eligible bachelors department. Their solution? Two words: Date Night. They make a pact to go on at least one date each week and, to keep each other honest, they'll hold their own date night every Sunday so they can tell all about their latest escapades. Of course, each of them has her own challenges—and hang-ups. BJ is a former WNBA star who's dealing with seeing the grandmother who raised her show signs of age. When it comes to dating, she may have to decide between a smooth-talking musician and an undercover brother who's not what he seems. Quita is the dazzling beauty who wants one thing: a baby. If she happens to find real love along the way, so be it. Ebony's been so beaten down by her mother's criticisms that her self-confidence is shot, but date night has given her a new lease on life. She's ready to shed her ugly-duckling attitude and find a good man—who may be closer than she thinks. Now, as each woman finds the strength to take her destiny in hand, the only question is, who'll find love first?

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