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PDF The economic slump, climate change and worsening international security combine to strengthen the argument for reform of the European Union. Andrew Duff puts the case for change. He argues that only a stronger EU will be able to tackle the problems Europe faces at home and abroad. Without modernising its system of government and without much deeper parliamentary democracy, the EU might fail. Andrew Duff uses his long experience to describe the Union's constitutional controversies. He explains and justifies the Treaty of Lisbon which, he argues, is an essential step forward for Europe. Saving the European Union is the first accurate and comprehensive description of what the entry into force of the Lisbon treaty will mean. Its author provides logical answers both to those pro-Europeans who claim that Lisbon is of little importance and to those anti-Europeans who oppose further integration. On the eve of the European Parliamentary elections and the second referendum on Lisbon in Ireland, Duff offers a manifesto of hope and change.

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