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This is an epic a love story, but not a happy one. While it is romantic, like Romeo and Juliet it does not have a happily-ever-after conclusion. I caution you on this only because I’d hate for you to be disappointed because the story did not end as you had hoped...So begins the author's note at the beginning of this book. For details on the plot, read on:

In the exciting prequel to The Peasant Queen, Roweena is the crown princess of Norvallen, a tiny kingdom with only one thing of value-the Healer's Grove. The trees in this small section of forest are enchanted, giving a sap that can be mixed into potions or salves to heal almost any wound.

And it's in high demand.

Lucien, the young king of neighboring Demarde, comes to Roweena's father seeking an alliance, but comes away with a marriage contract for young Roweena's hand. Furious and stubborn, this untamed beauty vows he will never conquer her. But the contract purposely gives her time to come to terms with her fate.

Before Lucien can return, Roweena's home is attacked and her parents are murdered. The Healer's Grove is also attacked-burned to the ground. With nothing more than her horse and the clothes on her back, Roweena goes to the only person she knows can help her. Lucien.

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