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PDF Ring of Fire—Paige Burns Damia, Daughter of Lucraxious, Third Princess of Faeridae, and her three sisters are given the task of saving Earthatopia, but not by any supernatural means. No, that would be too easy. Each of them must find a true mate before their 28th birthday or the balance between good and evil will tip in evils favor forever. Thrust into the middle of a tropical jungle, Damia must find the man who will not only fulfill her every desire, but help her save his world. Mateo De'Acosta is a volcanologist. He's more at home with Earth's greatest monsters than with people, especially women. When Damia shows up in his camp saying she's his new assistant, he can only take her word for it, even if her story is a little sketchy. He fears he's bound to make a fool of himself, as he usually does around women, but something about Damia draws him to her, and bumbling or not, he can't resist her call. The fire between them cannot be denied, but is it enough to save Earth and all of mankind? Into the Arctic—Jodi Lynn Copeland The Faerie of Symmetry, Albinia takes pride in commonsense. While she delights in the skills of a talented lover as much as any lusty faerie, her greatest passion is uncovering the secrets of the arctic tundra. Claiming he's tired of her folly, Albinia's father, King Lucraxious VII, banishes her to the frozen tundra of the planet Earth where he orders her to find a husband in one year's time or suffer the consequences. Albinia's levelheaded nature demands she get on with her mission. Her love for this beautiful, icy land and the handsome, brooding man she finds in the middle of it has her wishing to do otherwise. Flinn Gregory is drawn to Albiniafrom the moment she enters his artic outpost. He aches to take her up on her sensual offers, but believes she is mortal and a mating forbidden. While he pretends to be human, in truth he is the leader of a were-penguin colony. Just as Flinn's heart and body are threatened by Albinia's presence, his people are the victims of a changing land. Quakes rock the tundra, destroying the frozen tranquility and threatening the life of his colony. It is Flinn's responsibility to see to the safety of his colony-that means forgetting Albinia and focusing on his people's problems. Only some lusts are unforgettable, and some troubles more than he can solve alone. Luck of the Draw—Rae Monet Nortia Lucraxious has a problem that she can't solve by simple Faerie Magic. Banned to Earthatopia, Nortia must find true love and marriage with the only power she has, luck. Brice Ranger runs Ranger's Palace with a firm hand. His casino is in the business of making money. That is until he meets Nortia. Her luscious pink aura set's him on a path to distraction he can't seem to arrest. But is Nortia robbing him blind or stealing his heart. Tiger by the Tail—Tiffany Aaron Alida has a week left to find a man and fall in love. If she doesn't, she condemns her and her sisters to a fate worse than death. Will she be able to find a mortal man who'll love her inspite of her faerie essence? Cyno Wellington returns home to Tasmania after months in the Himalayas. His first night back, he goes to a concert where he listens to a woman with the voice of an angel and a body built for sin. Loving Alida is easy. Keeping her might be harder when he has a secret he's not sure he can reveal. Can disaster be averted when the Faerie of Song grabs a Tiger by the Tail?

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