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PDF CARMEN, which is based on a true story, is a gripping account of survival, prejudice, heartbreak and love. Fleeing the deadly influenza pandemic of 1918, known as the Spanish Flu, that ravaged their small village in northern Mexico, what was left of Carmen's family braved the perilous Mexico/U.S. border crossing. Young Carmen and her family hoped to escape the killer epidemic to find a safer and better life in America. But what they found was far different than what they expected.

This captivating story chronicles four generations through their incredible ups and downs, and begs the questions: Can Carmen free herself from a life of poverty and abuse? Will she find love and contentment with the man of her dreams? Can her children find happiness and a good life in America?

"This is the most touching story I have ever read." Amber Daley, editor/writer
"Have a box of Kleenex nearby." Mark Kessler, writer

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